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The Denver Federal Center is the largest collection of federal agencies outside of Washington D.C.  It encompasses more than 1 square mile of land, with 90 buildings housing more than 4,000,000 square feet of work space. 26 federal agencies employ more than 6,200 federal workers, on a campus that was originally the Denver Ordnance Plant during WW II.  


Located in the Denver suburb of Lakewood, it is bordered on 3 sides by residential properties.  Thanks to perimeter fencing and a lot of barbed wire, it has had the reputation as an “Area 51” kind of federal site, unwelcoming to its neighbors and not a public destination .  As a national effort to soften the reputation of federal facilities, GSA funded a “First Impressions” program to create a more welcoming architectural identity for their sites. At the DFC, public facilities include USGS, that supplies topo hiking maps to the public, and the National Archives, that have a historical library.


In partnership with Gensler Associates, the DFC program was designed to reflect both the

site architecture and the Front Range landscape of the site.



Partnered with Gensler Associates

Largest Collection of Federal agencies outside of D.C.

- 28 Different Agencies

- 4 million square feet of space

- 1 square mile of site buildings

GSA-funded program to make site agencies more neighborhood-friendly.

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